Death Follows a Formula (Scribner's, 1935).

The Sentry-Box Murder (Scribner's, 1935); the cover image shows sentry-box in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Murder at 28:10 (Scribner's, 1936).

Death in the Glass (Scribner's, 1937).

Death in the Glass (Gallancz, 1937).

Sinister Crag (Scribner's, 1939).

Inscription by Muna Lee in Sinister Crag:
Justine and Bailey went on a jag
And bought themselves a copy of Sinister Crag
Spendthrifts with money, they might as well save it:
As half the book's author I would gladly have gave it

Grateful acknowledgment is made to the Archives & Special Collections of the University of Mississippi for images 2-7 from top.

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